IMG_2386I am a french fry enthusiast book worm, with too many celebrity “spirit animals”, and a strong love for early mornings. I am a vegetarian who does not exactly know why she is a vegetarian, and is not opposed to occasionally indulging on a bite of a lamb chop or a taste of some sea bass. I grew up listening to country music alongside my sister in the back of my parents pick up truck, and spent my summers in the rainy city of Guadalajara. Jotting down and cataloguing memories in scattered journals were a constant pass time of mine, and you would never see me without a camera in my hand or in my purse. I’m a sucker for a good emotional commercial, which explains why I study Communication, and am earning a certificate in Marketing and Sales at Arizona State University.

I believe expressing myself in words is how I contribute my own array of colors to this crazy world we live in. Which leads to why I started this food diary. I’ve always been a good eater, especially a good snacker. It is very rare for you to not see me chewing, drinking, or talking about food. Food, especially any type of carb, makes me very happy. A year and a half ago I was very fortunate to meet my very carnivorous boyfriend who studied culinary arts during his early years of college, and who has an even stronger passion for food than I do, and actually instilled this passion in me, and has taught me so much, and how to really appreciate a good bite of food.

Forever Happy & Hungry will hopefully bring forward a wide variety of delicious meat and vegetarian dishes, cocktails, and desserts from all around the Phoenix area to your knowledge so you can go out there and be forever happy & hungry with me!

Buen Provecho! Bon Appétit!