#1 St. Francis

It wasn’t that hard to choose a restaurant for my first post on this site. As I was choosing where to have lunch yesterday, I quickly thought of the open patio and warm baguettes that St. Francis has to offer. IMG_3583A small restaurant located near the heart of downtown Phoenix on the southeast corner of Central and Camelback Rd. They proudly state on their menus that they source from and support the local Phoenix farming community. Which only makes their dishes that more appealing considering their menu changes with the seasons.
IMG_3582I’ve been lucky enough to partake in their fall, winter, and spring menus, and thank God that their St. Francis baguette is year round. Ordering that was a priority and I promptly had that come with my water as I chose what cocktail to have.
If you know me pretty well, you’ll know that my go to liquor is gin. You can never go wrong with a simple gin&tonic, no matter how bad or cheap the gin is. IMG_3596From a previous visit with my mother, she had ordered a cucumber cooler, which is Hendricks gin, muddled cucumber, and fresh squeezed lemonade. DELISH. So I went with that, and I was not disappointed. What I love about the cocktails at St. Francis is that they never go light on the liquor. You get a cocktail, and whoa baby it’s a cocktail. So that cucumber cooler, wasn’t lemonade with a splash of gin, but gin with a splash of lemonade, and that ladies and gentlemen is a cocktail.
For my main course I went with their Forbidden Rice Bowl, which consisted of seasonal vegetables such as beets, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, and tomato, all placed a top a lightly marinated black rice, or also known as forbidden rice. For those of you that don’t know or have never had black rice, it originates in parts of Asia, and is similar to brown rice in that the husk is intact to the grain of rice, which makes it a lot healthier than normal white rice. IMG_3591It has a tough chewy texture, and also makes it more filling. The vegetables paired very nicely with the rice, and it was a perfect lunch portion. Never have I had a bad experience there, Aaron Chamberlin, the owner and head chef is doing great things creating as stated in his bio, “simple and honest food.” All in all a great location for Brunch on Sundays, or lunch and dinner any day of the week.


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